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Trademark Attorney

Trademark Attorneys in Denver at Williams Intellectual Property are standing by to help you navigate the path to obtaining and maintaining trademark registrations with the USPTO. Whether you're seeking a standard character mark, design mark, or tradress, we're here to assist you.

Trademark Lawyers At Williams Intellectual Property Prepare Trademark Registrations at the USPTO

Trademark Lawyer for trademark registrations
Trademark Attorney in Denver & Littleton Colorado

Trademark Types Our Trademark Attorneys Can Help With

Trademarks identify sources of goods in the marketplace. Trademarks are not design elements. Some trademarks are so famous that they have become design elements in their own right.  They have acquired distinctiveness in the marketplace.

However, to register as a trademark a logo, word, or slogan must be a source-indicator first. One way to think about this is that the trademark is the label of the clothing line, not the design on the clothing itself. Working with a qualified and experienced trademark attorney is often an important part of ensuring the process goes smoothly.

Standard Character Mark

A standard character mark is a trademark consisting of letters only - a literal element - without regard to font or any particular style.

Design Mark

A design mark is a trademark consisting of a logo, design, or a specific font in a particular arrangement.


A tradedress is a three-dimensional mark - a particular packaging associated with a company or source of goods. Tradedresses may even apply to the particular shape of a product if it is associable with a particular company, for example.

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