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Recently Won Patents


9914581, Spray Can Attachable Actuator and Brush Assembly
9914062, Wirelessly Communicative Cuddly Toy
9888981, Interdental Laterally Expansive Wedge
9756994, Portable Foldable Toilet Seat Overlay Apparatus
9743951, Circumcision Guard Apparatus
9526752, Method for Cannabinoid Transdermal Delivery
9498012, Deployable Umbrella Hood Garment
9480180, Solar Powered Storage and Distribution Apparatus
9477380, Systems and Methods for Creating and Sharing Nonlinear Slide-Based Multimedia
Presentations and Visual Discussions Comprising Complex Story Paths and
Dynamic Slide Objects
9446655, Power Operated Truck Cover
9418702, Interactive Movie Timeline and Method for Interacting with a Movie Timeline
9410774, Fluted Arrow Shaft and Detachable Arrowhead
9394504, Stovetop Extraction Apparatus and Method for Rendering Infused Lipids for
9365250, Attachable Track Overlay Apparatus
9363989, Torqued Slide Bar Animal Trap
9315301, Snack Bottle with Distensible Dispensing Cap
9314066, Wearable Waterproof Shoe Cover
9291833, Removable Packaging Eyewear Blank
9272654, Spring Loaded Bumper Clamp for Vehicular Trailers
9259090, Insulated Cooler with Dual Dispensing Chutes
9248337, Lift Advantage Weight Lifting Bench Apparatus
9168191, Adjustable Wheelchair Foot Bracket
9039470, Shoe with Integrated Fin Apparatus
9125799, Remotely Locatable Pacifier Apparatus
9173501, Hand Positional Travel Pillow
9016300, Articulated Sun Shade Apparatus
9179663, Swatter with removable Films
9055845, Dual Chambered Body Scrubber with Pump Apparatus
8826471, Disposable Shower Curtain Liner
8991411, Screen Tenet Apparatus for Beach Chair
9004537, Regal Push Carriage for Children
9002187, Handheld Subject Framing Apparatus for Photograph
8739476, Building Assembly Kit with Roof Ring
9113621, Fish Bite Detector
8925140, Interchangeable Expressions Bath Sponge

D813314, Sledding Cart
D807060, Sock Storage and Organizing Hanger
D771266, Mushroom Teething Toy for Infant
D768864, Bacon Strips Teething Toy for Infant
D766660, Tableware Mat with Car Shaped Receptacle
D766659, Tableware Mat with Paw Shaped Receptacle
D745327, Dining mat with Integrated Tableware
D720760, Bagpiper Thumb Drive

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